Occulto Issue δ

Fictional dinosaurs, 8 billion dollars supercolliders, oxygen and cigarettes coming from the very same source, Bette Davis’ eyes, hacked conversations with angels and illusions in motion. Occulto Issue δ is dedicated to a very special topic: dreams.

Occulto Compilation #4

Supplement to Occulto Issue δ. The fourth selection of new experimental music from Italy compiled by Onga of Boring Machines for Occulto, featuring Father Murphy, Heroin in Tahiti, Everest Magma, Petit Singe, and Paul Beauchamp, among others.

Occulto Issue pi

Proteins that pave the way to new forms of art; cutting-edge logicians that are not afraid of contradictions; dowsers that hand down their special talent from father to son; tensions between scientific mainstream and outsiders; and more!

Occulto Issue e

Meet the Popular Republic of Photosynthesis; learn how thin and blurry the boundary between living and inanimate can be; discover how cleverly Queen Dido took advantage of the isoperimetric problem; watch gossip stars morphed into Poltergeist.

Sie Leben #2: Le petit bleu

Second issue of Sie leben, Occulto’s black and white sister zine. Expect stories about violence and genetics, aliens and arsenic, dolphins and the Greeks – and beautiful original artworks.

Occulto Issue √-1

Urine tests and work conditions; sea urchins and Magnetic Resonance Imaging; delirious theories about how sistematic blood transfusions can heal any mortal disease; reflections on the damages caused by scientific illiteracy in the last centuries; and more.