Occulto Compilation #3


Supplement to Occulto Issue pi
Compiled by Onga Boring Machines
CD while supplies last + digital download

Occulto Compilations feature a selection of the Italian independent experimental scene recent production and are curated by Onga, the one and only. Check Boring Machines for more information.

01. Von Tesla – Three Million Milliseconds on a Spectrum of Infinite Boom
02. Agarttha – Visions of Alina
03. Umanzuki – Parrots Near the Crystal
04. F-Zer0 – Unbalance Turtles
05. Jesse Perret – Endeavour
06. Silent Carnival – Existence
07. Grizzly Imploded (with Gaelle Cavalieri) – Seven Hundred Things For Him
08. Maurizio Abate – untitled
09. MS Miroslaw – … and The Golden Horse’s Sacrifice
10. Selaxon Lutberg – A3
11. Architeuthis Rex – Nineveh