A Reading by a.Monti and Deanna Radford

A Reading by a.Monti & Deanna Radford Tuesday, May 2nd, 7.30 p.m. Hopscotch Reading Room, Kurfürstenstr. 14, 10785, Berlin Two days before performing with Cloud Circuit at Morphine Raum, Montreal based poet Deanna Radford will be part of a reading...

Here comes the Underground Institute Festival

Early December feels like an unusual time of the year for a Berlin (experimental music and arts) festival – you can prove me wrong, I haven’t been going out as much lately for reasons as diverse as parenthood, university papers,...

Plant Liaisons

It quite irritated me, re-reading that I had called them “my” plants (in the previous photo journal post). Is that pronoun correct? Aren’t plants rather “ours”? Or don’t they belong to themselves?
Now I know plants can’t hear me. But we do breathe the same air and belong to the same soil.

Change of Scenery

Remember those moments of careless strolling? An art known as Flâneuserie in literature. I have enjoyed browsing through bookshops, bars or museums, practicing my collectioneuse habit of picking up postcards on my way. Nowadays I am practicing #stayhome, and suddenly the image of people in plastic container pops to my mind.