Occulto is an independent magazine that brings together science, humanities and the arts; it is mostly focused on natural and formal sciences, their history and cultural relevance, and features original artists’ projects.

Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science and affirms the cultural value of scientific knowledge and the potential of an interdisciplinary approach opened to deviance, irony and autobiography. Its research also questions past and present attempts to find shortcuts to knowledge (and power), the fascination towards the irrational and revealed truths.

A compilation of experimental music selected by Onga of Boring Machines is released with every issue. A program of music and arts events in several Berlin venues is connected to and informed by the magazine. Occulto is published on paper in English language.

Occulto is a weird creature designed, edited and curated by Alice CannavĂ .

We need some disciplines in here.
ISSN 2196-5781