Embrace the Darkness – Alos

Alos’s art book Embrace the Darkness is a new special release by Occulto, with photos by Giulio di Mauro, original illustrations by Gio Pistone, and texts By Klaus Miser, Renzo Zaia and Giulia Ferrato, among others. The publication accompanies a 12-inch vinyl record co-produced by Archaeological Records and Dio Drone.

Radio Issue no. 1

Radio is a poetry zine in print and sound. It emerged from a rediscovered passion for poetry blended with collective reflections on sustainable self-publishing, a decade-long involvement with sound experiments, and a soft spot for ‘radio’ as medium, technology, and (multilingual and multimeaning) word.

Occulto 7: Art-I-Ficial

Tilted poplar trees trying to straighten up in a lab, Alan Turing’s jokes and prophecies, a 18th century machine that utters “MA-MA”, the discarding of the words “discernible”, “underwear” and “sphagnum” as waste, the portrait of a machine learning system as a botanical artist, self-delusion at the service of the secret services.

Occulto 6: Life

Fake nutial pads, fantastic mice with French names, super-intelligent dogs, “green cure” cod, incredibily ancient fossils, funny cephalopods, and, of course, Darwin. Let’s get ready for a post-human world together!

Occulto Compilation #6

Supplement to Occulto 6: Life. The sixth selection of new experimental music from Italy compiled by Onga of Boring Machines for Occulto, featuring Marta De Pascalis, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or, Polonius, Camilla Pisani, Rainbow Island, Vivien Le Fay, and more.

Occulto Issue h

112 pages of science, art, wild storytelling and interdisciplinary extravagance. Texts by Fosco Loregian, Alice Cannavà, Sebastian Petrich, Russ Hodge, Giulia Liberti, Stefano Spataro. Artist’s projects by Hic Sunt Leones, Pep Vidal.

Occulto Compilation #5

Supplement to Occulto Issue h. The fifthselection of new experimental music from Italy compiled by Onga of Boring Machines for Occulto, featuring Dream Weapon Ritual, Adamennon, The Great Saunities, Luigi Pugliano, and more.