Occulto Compilation #5

Supplement to Occulto Issue h
Compiled by Onga (Boring Machines) in July 2017
Artwork: Alice Cannavà
Limited Edition CDr + Digital Download
occultomagazine.com – occulto.bandcamp.com
boringmachines.it – boringmachines.bandcamp.com

For the fifth time, Onga selected for Occulto great new experimental music from Italy. We invite you to listen, order, share, and support independent publishing and music.

01. Barnacles – Not Even a Sailor (from the album One Single Sound, Boring Machines, 2017)
02. Dream Weapon Ritual – Tittle-Tattle Among Secret Devices (from the album The Uncanny Little Sparrows, Boring Machines, 2017)
03. DˆrchÊ – You Drown (unreleased)
04. The Great Saunities – Respect the Music (unreleased)
05. Adamennon – Il Museo delle Anime Perse (from the album Le Nove Ombre del Caos, Boring Machines, 2017)
06. Dope In The Pig Bags – Keulemia (from the album Keulemia, Asbestos Digit, 2017)
07. MZKY – Leaves of Tomorrow (unreleased)
08. Niton – Moto Ignoto (from the album Tiresias, Pulver & Asche, 2015)
09. Balance – Krokodilo (from the album Rio Negro, Multiple 2017)
10. PRG-M – Asymptota (from the album Assioma Geometrico, Spagiria, 2017)
11. Luigi Pugliano – Chachacha (from the album Glows, Delete Recordings, 2017)