Occulto Compilation #6

Supplement to Occulto 6: Life
Compiled by Onga (Boring Machines)
Released in November 2019
Cover photo: Alice Cannavà
Limited Edition CDr + Digital Download (download code at p. 4 of the magazine)
occultomagazine.com – occulto.bandcamp.com
boringmachines.it – boringmachines.bandcamp.com

The sixth compilation curated by Onga for Occulto is a very special one, featuring a lot of exclusive tracks and artists we’ve followed and loved for a long time such as Marta De Pascalis, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or, Polonius, and more.

01. Camilla Pisani – The Toxic Nostalgia of Your Memory (exclusive track)
02. NEUNAU and Carlo Giordani – Organi in movimento (exclusive track)
03. Vivien Le Fay – Ecchymosys (from the album Ecolalia, Boring Machines, 2019)
04. Polonius – Black Chess Bishop Volcanic Sludge Spell of Violence (exclusive track)
05. Rainbow Island – Sunset Over Kakapò (exclusive track)
06. vonneumann – eigenSwitch (exclusive track)
07. DIVUS – C3 (from the forthcoming 2020 album)
08. Marta De Pascalis – live in Reggia di Venaria 13_07_19 (exclusive track)
09. Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or – The River Flows From the Incinerator (from the album Sex and Dead Cities, Boring Machines, 2019)