Editorial Occulto 6: Life

While the Anthropocene is still waiting for its “golden spike”, we can turn our attention to the less sensational yet enlightening story of early-modern seasonal cod fishery in Newfoundland, and to its teachings about the complexity and long-lasting effects of human-animal-plant interplay.

Editorial Occulto Issue h

Occulto Issue h ends with an army of human-robot hybrid creatures going out of control and attacking humans, but don’t panic: it’s only fiction, science fiction, just like Asimov’s Laws of Robotics.

The Hell of Gravity

The chaos theory may have gone out of fashion, but be careful not to just whistle along pretending everything’s all right when you get out of bed in the morning to sip an instant caffè latte. Besides, what happened in...

Editorial Occulto Issue e

As for me – and possibly for many of you as well – metamorphosis is mostly about waking up one morning in your bed in the guise of a giant bug, or turning into a disgusting fly-like creature under the...