Cloud Circuit – Static studies: four ersatz phrases in dactylic hexameter for sea (s) & cloud (c).

Image: Cloud Circuit, 2020.

Detail from Cloud Circuit’s “Static studies: Four ersatz phrases in dactylic hexameter for sea (s) & cloud (c).”, Occulto 7: Art-I-Ficial, pp. 4-9, October 2020.

Cloud Circuit’s audio piece “Static studies: four ersatz phrases in dactylic hexameter for sea (s) & cloud (c).” accompanies their same-titled visual poem created for the pages of Occulto 7: Art-I-Ficial. Here below you can stream it via Bandcamp or watch it performed live as part of the Live in Concrete series at Concrete Studio in Montréal, Quebec.

Music: Cloud Circuit
Oscillators, tape, amplified surfaces, egg timers: Jeremy Young
Voice, deconstructed word events, EMF wand: Deanna Radford

“The audio work is a recreation (or, unmachinization) of the timbral sounds of static by human-performed means: against slate, graters, bubble wrap, and electromagnetic frequencies captured from cellular devices and filtered. We wanted to create artificial static, reflecting on what it means to bring electronic, non-human, and non-musical phenomena to human scale, and invent a counterfeit world that posits that this is in fact how static is created. In other words, to promote a false piece of audio with a false understanding of its scale. And this is not random: Cloud Circuit’s main source interests lie in the deconstruction of the false promotion of the internet as existing in the atmospheric omnipresence of “the cloud”, where in fact, its delivery, maintenance, and operation bases exist as a result of human manpower, and flow thourgh fibre-optic cables on the floors of our oceans.”
– Cloud Circuit

Poetrysound ensemble Cloud Circuit finds inspiration in communication gli//tc;hh()h, brok()n spee?()-eech, and contact lost. Its motors are the grey areas of connection, those lost threads, dropped signals, failures of technology, and outages at the edge of night. In performance, Cloud Circuit’s approach is collaborative and improvisational; its sound composed, dissected, and refracted. Deanna Radford channels her poetry as deconstructed word events, Jeremy Young plays sine tones in flux and amplified surfaces. Cloud Circuit’s extended ensemble includes Philippe Vandal on sax and electrons with contributions from Alexandre St-Onge on bass glitches.

Live in Concrete is a series of live music performances filmed at Concrete Studio in Montréal, Quebec. See all releases:
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To read and see the complete original work by Cloud Circuit, order Occulto 7: Art-I-Ficial.