Occulto special bundle for DalVerme

DalVerme is a wonderful space for international music and culture in Rome. It has been recently closed by the police for ridiculous reasons – there are many things you can do to help, see below for details!

What happened to DalVerme is a damage for the cultural life of the city of Rome and a threat to independent culture in Italy and everywhere – everybody should feel involved!
Hier at Occulto headequarter we also wanted to do something and got inspired by friends who launched special offers of their music releases or artwork to help DalVerme (see below). We announce therefore a special Occulto bundle – sales excluding shipping will be transfered to DalVerme:

Occulto special bundle for DalVerme
All 4 currently available issues for 30 Eur (+ shipping)

Issue δ + Compilation #4 – See Details
Issue pi + Compilation #3 – See Details
Issue e + Compilation #2 – See Details
Issue √-1 + Compilation #1 – See Details

Occulto bundle for DalVerme

If you’re not so much into buying Occulto Issues, or if you have them already, there are many other things you can do to support:

1) You can send a donation to IBAN: it93f0760105138242959042964 (please mention it is a donation while doing the bank transfer)

2) You can send complaints about it to the city of Rome:

3) you can buy great music and art and support at once!!!
Three amazing labels of experimental independent music and one talented photographer have temporary special offers whose income will be entirely transfered to DalVerme:

Boring Machines – full digital discography with 80% discount = 49 Eur!!!! facebook.com/boringmachines2 (scroll down to find the offer link if needed)

Fratto 9 – full CD/LP discography for 45 Eur + shipping costs! www.fratto9.com

Old Bycicle Records – every digital sale wil be used to help DalVerme oldbicyclerecords.bandcamp.com

Adriano Zanni is selling a selection of photographic artworks facebook.com/adrnznn (scroll down if you don’t see the offer immediately)