Playlist #17 (20-24 Jan)


20 January 2016, 5pm

BURP COMIX # 15 Release Rendez-Vous

Staalplaat, Kienitzer Str. 108, Berlin + Balera Weinhandlung, Karl-Marx-Platz 6, Berlin

Burp Enterprise is a multiheaded multiform entity responsible for no less than 25 years of research and experimentation with sounds, words and images materialized into live performances, records, publications, radio shows, workshops … next step is a double rendez-vous for the new issue of Burp Comix: the first after a long time, the first one in English language, in the words of its own authors/editors “a 32 pages collection of dirty and amoral comix by Gianni Agus, Daniele Murtas, Nikt Notoni, Mat Pogo, Edoardo Ricci and Roberta WJM”. Tea/merenda at Staalplat at 5pm and aperitivo/dj set at Balera Weinhandlung at 7pm. Yeah.

21 January 2016, 8pm + 22 Janaury 2016, 7pm

Ectoplasm Girls Live + “A Different Gesture”- An evening with Nadine Byrne

Ausland, Lychener Strasse 60, Berlin + Zabriskie, Manteuffelstr. 73, Berlin

One of the first English phantom story ever published – inspired by ‘true’ facts and written by Daniel Defoe under a pseudonym in 1712 – has no garish horror or bloody scene in it: it is, in fact, about a phantom coming for tea, and about the sisterly friendship between two young ladies. The audiovisual work of Nadine Byrne shares a lot of the dreamy, cosy and yet uncanny atmoshpere of that old story. Ectoplasm Girls is a project she has started with her sister Tanya Byrne – Jean-Marie Dhur of Zabriskie bookshop will be djing before and after their live set at Ausland; the day after you can meet her again in that very bookshop for the screening of some video works of hers followed by Q&A.

23 January 2016, 12am-5pm and 8pm

FIBER and Retune present: Performative & Immersive Art Meetup + FIBER presents: A/V performance evening #96

SPEKTRUM B├╝rknerstr 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Well, the program of Spektrum is even more on fire than usual this week – as part of transmediale/CTM Vorspiel 2016 festival – so you may wanna check their website and make your own picks; I will focus here on this one because it offers a full day of presentations and adventures involving a fascinating, hybrid hotchpotch of art and science, graphic and programming, audio and visual, design and engineering. Here at Occulto we have quite a foible for such interdisciplinary landscapes that make categories and ‘professional profiling’ explode. Curious and looking forward!

23 January 2016, 5pm

SONOSPACE: An Exploration of Sound

SPEKTRUM B├╝rknerstr 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Slight ubiquity issue with the event above, yet Berlin U-Bahn is fast and this is happening exactly in between: sound archive and audio publisher Sonospace at its first Berlin edition, among the featured projects there is an audiovisual version of Forking Paths, a collaborative work by Stefano de Ponti – whose path already has and will again cross the one of Occulto in several ways, more about that soon – Yolenth van den Hoogen and Shari DeLorian. If you want to get an idea in advance, spend some time on Sonospace website they are building a precious collection.