Publishing Matters at Fracto 2022

As part of FRACTO 2022 program, Occulto and guests will present in the ACUD backyard a temporary bookshop/exhibition with diverse positions around the materialities of publishing, between analog and digital, photocopied and offset-printed, handmade and automated. We invite to participate...

Miss Read 2022

Miss Read is back, and we are, too. See you in HKW together with over 300+ publishers, art periodicals and artists/authors. In conjunction, the Conceptual Poetics Day will explore the imaginary border between visual art and literature. The poster for MISS...

Jeremy Young/Frau Lelli, Alessandra Eramo

On November 13th, 2021, the first Occulto night after a 15-month hiatus will start in the afternoon, because embracing contradictions is what we do best. We’re happy to present the premiere of the audiovisual duo composed by Jeremy Young and Frau Lelli, and a solo performance by Alessandra Eramo.

textîles at FRACTO 2021

The digital project textîles – threading speculative archipelagoes makes landfall at FRACTO 2021 as a performative space where facts and fictions about textile artifacts and practices can be reclaimed from an archipelago of alternate worlds, and spun anew.

Publishers’ Fair in the Hopscotch Hof

Occulto will be part of first publishers’ fair in the Hopscotch hof! In the middle of the global pandemic, this outdoor fair aims to “provide an opportunity for various small and micro publishers who constitute the invaluable independent publishing ecology...

Plant Liaisons

It quite irritated me, re-reading that I had called them “my” plants (in the previous photo journal post). Is that pronoun correct? Aren’t plants rather “ours”? Or don’t they belong to themselves?
Now I know plants can’t hear me. But we do breathe the same air and belong to the same soil.

Occulto 7: Art-I-Ficial

Tilted poplar trees trying to straighten up in a lab, Alan Turing’s jokes and prophecies, a 18th century machine that utters “MA-MA”, the discarding of the words “discernible”, “underwear” and “sphagnum” as waste, the portrait of a machine learning system as a botanical artist, self-delusion at the service of the secret services.