Occulto Night No. 1/15: AUN, SEC_ & Dario Sanfilippo, website launch

Occulto Magazine invites you to a night of music, noise, paper and code:

AUN (Canada)

Dario Sanfilippo & SEC_ (Italy)

LAUNCH: New Occulto Mag Website!

24 April 2015
20pm – open end
Skalitzerstr. 133
10999 Berlin

AUN are back to Europe and you should not miss their magic audio video cosmic/electronic/shoegaze set. SEC_ and Dario Sanfilippo will propose their special duo/duel digital vs. analog. Moreover, the brand new website of Occulto will be launched. There will be distro and a few more special guests as well – updates coming soon. Join!

Occulto would like to thank Burp Enterprise for the support.



Science stories as you won’t read them anywhere else. It’s not mainstream popularisation. It’s not a peer reviewed journal. It features in-depth essays by international researchers and scholars, visual artist’s special projects and an experimental music compilation curated by Boring Machines. It’s also fun! – or so we hope. It is glossy, colourful, made with love and totally independent.

AUN are the Montreal based Martin Dumais and Julie Leblanc. Their music melts the boundaries between psychedelic, ambient, shoegaze, industrial and kosmische music into a unique pulsing glitch and gaze aura. Their performance includes video artworks by Julie. Since their 2007 inception, this Montreal power couple, have performed 150+ concerts, in over twenty countries, at such key events as Mutek, FIMAV, Roadburn, Phobos, Wave Gothic, Heart of Noise, and will soon embark on Japan and Europe tours. Their critically acclaimed discography of over 15 albums, ep’s and splits, on top avant-garde labels such as: Alien8 Recordings (Canada), Cyclic Law (Canada), Important (USA), Denovali (Germany), Conspiracy (Belgium), Drone (Germany), has earned them a solid ever growing international following.The duo have recently completed two new albums, including a collaborative effort with noted french turntablist Philippe Petit (Lydia Lunch, Murcof) and a return to their home base at Cyclic Law records, intitled ‘FIat Lux’.

Dario Sanfilippo & SEC_ are digital feedback vs analog electronics with tapes, feedback, scratches and cuts. The result are two merging yet contrasting dimensions where SEC_’s narrative, dynamical and energetic approach to electroacoustic improvisation meets Dario’s research on abstract forms through slowly evolving self-organised sounds. Dario Sanfilippo is a specialist in feedback systems. His research is focused on the study and exploration of complex dynamical systems for non-conventional sound synthesis.His works have been presented in international festivals and experimental music events (AudioArt festival, Acoustic Field festivals, Music and performing arts University of Vienna among others) and selected for conferences and journals (ICMC, SMC, Computer Music Journal.) SEC_ is an electro-acoustic musician and composer from Naples. With his taperecorder Revox, that he uses in a very physical and unconventional way, SEC_ is a promoter of the new “musique concrète”, using both tape manipulations and feedback electronics. Collaborations with Aspec(t), Jerome Noetinger, Valerio Tricoli, Andy Guhl, Gert-Jan Prins among others. His records have been released by labels like Bocian Records, Fratto9, dEN Records, Nuun Records, Gruenrekorder.