Sonar Touch


Artists, Editors & Science: An evening curated by Ex-Voto (Radical Public Culture), featuring video art works by Daniela De Paulis, paper works and publications by Occulto. A special cosy station with couches and headphones allows visitors to listen to all Occulto Compilations released with each issue and curated by Onga Boring Machines. On the wall, a selection of drafts, drawings, prints, notes and collages – research and working material produced while editing Occulto. Daniela de Paulis works with video, installation, performance and has been an active practitioner since 2001, showing her work internationally and often collaborating with other artists, scientists and radio amateurs. Thanks Simona da Pozzo and Elena Bari for making this evening possible, and beautiful!

SONAR TOUCH – Works by Daniela de Paulis, Alice Cannava
30 Novembre 2014
@ Vegapunk
Via Lazzaro Palazzi 9
20127 Milano