Playlist #22 (3-7 Aug)


4 August 2016, 8pm

Caterina Barbieri / Adam Asnan / Carlo Maria

West Germany, Skalitzerstr. 133, 10999 Berlin

Caterina is a talented electronic music composer and performer from Italy. She recently moved to Berlin and I confess I wanted to invite her to play at one Occulto Night in West Germany some time soon, but the smart people of Care Of Editions were faster than me. Nevermind! It will be a pleasure to be part of the audience. She has a quite impressive CV for such a young person: a diploma in classical guitar, a degree in electroacoustic music, another in philosophy (with focus on ethnomusicology) and a period of research at EMS in Stockholm, among many other projects, commissions and collaborations. Take the chance, the whole line up of the evening is great and will let us explore and enjoy some cross points between minimalistic composition, electroacoustic research and club music. Care Of Editions will be also celebrating their final release of its Negative Money series: Jib Kidder’s “New Works for Realistic Mixer”.

6 August 2016, 3pm (till late)

XB MATINEE 1st Birthday Bash

Berlin F’hain (more info at the link below)

The XB Sunday Matinee are a monthly gathering offering an ecletic selection of good live music, nice food and drinks, zines distro and more. The series has been building an affectionate and growing community that attend the events on a pretty regular basis, and offers a nice atmosphere where love for music, pure fun and interesting, relaxed conversation meet social engagement. The policy is straight and clear: no photos, no facebook, no smoking, kids welcome, racists and omophobics NOT welcome, free donation at the door. The first birthday celebration features a packed line up of artists that participated in previous occasions: Xantene, Head of Wantastiquet, MIPV and Mung among many others. Looking forward!

7 August 2016, 6.30pm

Cluster #1

Labor Neunzehn, Kiefholzstr.19, 12435 Berlin

I am happy to hear about an upcoming new series at Labor Neunzehn on the occasion of the Berlin Project Space Festival. It is focused on edgy sound explorations and the first one this Sunday features a promising eclectroacoustic line up (Annette Krebs + Axel Dörner and Nora Krahl) introduced by a selection of films. N.B.: entrance is free but you need to register in advance. The venue is a working space, open to the public only on special occasions, and it previously offered high quality shows and screenings – definitely worth a visit.

through Sept 30th, Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Women of Mathematics throughout Europe – A Gallery of Portraits

SPEKTRUM, Bürknerstr 12, 12047 Berlin

Thirteen contemporary lady mathematicians portrayed in a touring exhibition that highlights open gender issues as well as the human sides of making mathematics at large. Accompanied by a rich in progress website that let you explore the project in several of its aspects (see link below). First stop is Berlin on the occasion of the (already finished) 7th European Congress of Mathematics. If you, like me, missed the opening with its musical program, go for it one of these summer but not too hot days: the exhibition is on until the end of September and it’s a chance to visit the whole Technische Universität complex of buildings and gardens as well – I’ve spent a lot of time there lately as a recently enrolled (aged) student and there are some fascinating corners to discover as well as good libraries accessible also to non-students. (location info)

P.S.: If ubiquity were a chance, Metzger Therapie’s evening at Spektrum, Lucio Capece and others’ liveset at Studio Acht as well as the listening session of Laurie Anderson’s work (again in Spektrum) curated by Doron Sadja would be also mentioned with more details in this playlist, but then again, this is meant as a small selection of events I actually can and plan to attend, not as a thorough listing of Berlin’s incredibile cultural offers which is driving all of us crazy.