Jung an Tagen, Mace. – Double Liveset & Record Launch


10 November, 7.30-10pm
Echo Buecher
Grüntaler Str 9, Berlin

Two livesets. Two record releases. Two electronic music projects you should not miss if you’re interested in all things electronic and in where techno entagled with experimentation will go from here. Sets will start at 8.30pm sharp and finish by 10pm. Please do come early! Presented by Occulto in collaboration with Echo Buecher.


OUT NOW: Das Fest der Reichen (Editions Mego)

Mace. (Italy/Berlin)
OUT ON NOV 7TH: Four Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today (Lux Rec)


JUNG AN TAGEN is the primary music act operating inside the Virtual Institute Vienna. By using substractive synthesis and sampling techniques Jung An Tagen builds aleatoric arrays, repetitive figures & polyrhythmic moirés circulating around distinctive timbres and haptic fragments, resulting in a vision of morphing movements between high energy and zero gravity states. Due to the synaesthesian nature of the VIV, Jung An Tagen is bound very closely to a specific visual grammar and is intertwined with video art, even though the performative settings are usually reduced to music only. Previously, Stefan Juster was mainly present with different bands & monikers on labels like NotNotFun, Blackest Rainbow, 100% Silk or his own imprint SF Broadcasts.

MACE. appearances are scarce. As his music is. Scarce, dirty, brown and miserable, as the Bunker guys would say. A mechanical reflection, not a choice of soothing harmonics. Not melodious structures. The survival of the fittest, harsh economics, suicidal stock brokers, piling up as much as possible before leaving. These are four things everyone will be talking about today. And so Lux Rec does. The last piece of his brand new release on Lux Rec is a joint venture together with Diana Berti of ‘Veleno Viola’.


ECHO BUECHER is a space for contemporary music, sound and club culture. A main focus on electronic music and techno lifestyle. A place where you can experience sound, art and clubbing altogether. We sell books, records, magazines, sound objects and goodies from independent labels. Expect live-acts, exhibitions, book/magazine launches,dj-sets or sound performances.

OCCULTO is an independent interdisciplinary magazine that focuses on hard sciences and their history while featuring also artist’s projects as well as music compilations curated by Onga Boring Machines. An irregular yet more and more intensive program of music and arts events in several Berlin venues is connected to and informed by the magazine. Occulto is a weird creature designed, edited and curated by Alice Cannavà.