Remote Playlist: 28 April – 3 May 2020

Since April 2020
Stefan Juster aka Jung an Tagen, musician and media artists based in Vienna, has just started a new label, ETAT, that will release “dissociative, psychoacoustic, computer music”. All releases will be free to download on the website – the first two, one by Jung an Tagen and the other by Eric Frye, are already available. The label will not have social media or online streaming profiles, if you want to receive updates you can subscribe the newsletter. You can discover more about it by reading this pretty long interview. On a more personal note, Stefan Juster performed at two Occulto events in Berlin in the past (an early Occulto Night in West Germany, with Eric Arn, and a double record release, with Mace., at Echo Buecher. Ach! Souvenirs, souvenirs!), and I was getting ready to happily announce a third one at Acud Macht Neu in May this year, featuring also Eric Frye and Berlin based Botborg, but well, we all know how things went, and the whole tour has been postponed indefinitely. I suggest we go get the music while we wait.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 10-10.30 pm CEST
Michael Pestel and David Rothenberg Live
Live streaming link tbc
All I have so far about this event is the Facebook link below and the following short description: “A live concert with two human-bird hybrid musicians, studio to studio”. I can add that David Rothenberg – musician, composer, author, philosopher-naturalist – has been collaborating with non-human living beings such as insects, whales and (Berlin) nightingales for a long time, and that the results can be enjoyed as concerts, books, records, films, and more. I think a streaming link or other needed details will be provided later today, so if you’re interested I recommend you check the link below or David Rothenberg’s Facebook page a bit in advance. (N.B.: This is not a Berlin based event, they will perform from a different time zone).

Since March 13, 2020
CABIN FEVER: Coping with COVID-19 playlist of online experimental films & videos
List of links (as pdf, xlsx, and more)
Since March 13th, Kate Lain – a multidisciplinary artist based in LA – has been compiling and sharing a list of experimental videos and films available for streaming online, featuring many recent works, including some released in 2020, but also older ones dating back to the 1990s, 80s, 70s … 30s. The personal, algorithm-free selection, organised based on “moods” that our pandemic times may induce, began to exist only because she took the time to do it, just like – I’m old enough for that – some friends of mine used to take the time to mix a tape for me featuring Oblivians, Little Tony, Cows, Nancy Sinatra, and who knows what else, and to title it something like “How do you feel, Anselmo?”. Lain later proceeded to involve few more persons from the experimental film community, thus the Cabin Fever list has become a collaborative project and its structure evolved. There is life beyond Amazon and the other usual suspects, not only when you buy something, but also when you watch something.

Since April 4th – Every Saturday, 5-6 pm CEST
The Sunday Matinee radio show
Keith F’em (online radio)
Started in August 2015, the Sunday Matinee has become a regular appointment of the Berlin underground scene, offering afternoon concerts and dj sets with an inclusive, nerdy, and cross-genre joyful attitude. It’s been lately hosted by the lovely Villa Kuriosum, after a nomadic transition that followed the tragic and sudden loss of its native venue, XB Liebig. The Matinee cannot currently take place in its usual form, but it’s keeping us company on air, every Saturday from 5 to 6 pm on Keith F’em, with a one hour show featuring interviews with and music by the artists hosted in its almost 50 editions. The previous radio shows are available as podcasts on Mixcloud.