Publishers’ Fair in the Hopscotch Hof

When: 15 August 2021

Occulto will be part of first publishers’ fair in the Hopscotch hof! In the middle of the global pandemic, this outdoor fair aims to “provide an opportunity for various small and micro publishers who constitute the invaluable independent publishing ecology of Berlin to be able to come together again and have a day to meet other friends and colleagues whom they would normally meet during a ‘normal’ year. And with no MISS READ and maybe no Friends with Books as well this year, we thought we would take this bright, hot window of opportunity to be with and among fellow lovers of print.”
With AKV Books, Atlas Projectos, Awesome Tapes From Africa, backbonebooks, Kapsel Magazine, Kathrin G√ľnter, KookBooks, Lady Liberty Press, Kapsel and Maro Verlag, Martin Howse/micro research/xxxxx, Para Journal, Topsi Series / Umlaut Records and many more.