Playlist #28 (23-26 March)


22 Mar, 7pm

Trappist Afterland, Constantine & Rowan Coupland at Bar Voyage

A psych-folk night with plenty of string and non-string instruments. Trappist Afterland from Melbourne, AU and Constantine from Chicago are touring Europe, and will share stage with Berlin-based Rowan Coupland during their gig at Bar Voyage. All of this is organised by African Paper, a cultural magazine in German language, mainly devoted to music with a focus on experimental sound research, noise, neo folk and more. They publish original and well documented reviews as well as full-length interviews. Precious!

24 Mar, 8pm

Ryoko Akama / Yan Jun / Seiji Morimoto

Three solo sets for objects by three artists – all of them engaged, in different ways, in multiform practices that cross the border between disciplines and genres. Seiji Morimoto works with sound performance, installation, video, and has been active also in many collaborative projects (Ignaz Schick and Alessandra Eramo among many others); Yan Jun improvised or composed music is based on feedback, field recordings, voice – he also runs a label, Sub Jam; Ryoko Akama mostly performs with fragile objects of paper, glass and other delicate materials – an “almost nothing” aesthetics; she also run a label, melange edition!

25-26 Mar, 6.30pm

The Long Now

It is the grand finale of MaerzMusik 2017, but it may work as a good beginning as well: you get the chance to see several artists featured in the main festival – yet proposing here a different program, plus some very interesting extras – my recommendations in this sense are Belfi & Donadello on Saturday (8pm), and PUNCTUM on Sunday (5pm). 30 hours of performances in a row, with an overnight concert by Leyland Kirby. I have been working so hard this week I can hardly think; a Sunday starting at 8am with Chris Watson and ending at midnight with Tim Hecker, all of this inside a huge, pretty dark Kraftwerk where I can also see C.C. Hennix again, and Alvin Lucier for the first time ever, among oh so many other things, well. Yes. Ich bitte darum.