Occulto Meets the Wounded Wolf


On May 31 there will be a triple reading and presentation: Occulto meets the Wounded Wolf. Occulto Magazine presents its fourth release, Issue pi, and Aidan Baker and James Vella read from their new books that are published on Wounded Wolf Press.

Occulto Issue pi’s main theme is Constants and Variables. It features stories about the structure of proteins, the anti-relativity movement, the avant-garde of contemporary logics, the editorial history of the Bible and much more. Onga Boring Machines compiled for the issue a third grand collection of music featuring a selection of the best experimental Italian contemporary music.

James Vella’s debut “Devourings” is a collection of short stories. “Devourings” travels to many destinations. From a snaking murder plot set in 1940s Argentina to sabotage on a doomed Pacific liner in the late 1950s. These are stories of palpable heat, dirt, desperation and realisation, in which the landscape is as significant as the characters that rise and fall before it.

Aidan Baker’s “Passing Through” is a collection of synesthetic poems – poems deliberately playing with that famous maxim “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” These are poems, writings, about other media – poems about paintings, songs and films. Poems which attempt to share Aidan’s personal response to the artwork, as well as speculations into the artists’ motivations and inspirations, as gleaned through biographical and critical material.