Fracto 2019 – Occulto Programme

As part of this year’s edition of Fracto, Occulto’s editor Alice Cannavà curates three side events that cover her three main areas of interest and action: interdisciplinary research between science, humanities and art, independent publishing, and experimental music.

Panel Discussion

Amanda Crompton (Archaeologist – Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
Regine Rapp (Art historian, curator – Art Laboratory Berlin)
Constanza Mendoza (Visual artist, game designer – Laboratorio de Pensamiento Lúdico, Berlin/Barcelona)
Moderated by Alice Cannava (Editor, curator, designer/coder – Occulto, Berlin)

How we can think, research, document, and narrate the animal world beyond anthropocentrism? The three guests will present projects and experiences that relate to this question from different perspectives and fields: art history and curatorship (Regine Rapp), visual arts and game design (Constanza Mendoza) and academic research (Amanda Crompton). An open and informal discussion with the moderator, FRACTO curators and the audience will follow the presentations.


Books, Magazines, Sound

Andy Leuenberger (visual artist)
Archive Books (publishing house)
Art Laboratory Berlin (art and research platform)
David Rothenberg (musician, composer, author, philosopher-naturalist)
Found Footage Magazine (magazine)
JD Zazie (sound artist, experimental DJ)
Kapsel (magazine)
Labor Berlin e.V. (nonprofit film collective)
Occulto (magazine, public cultural program)
Tierstimmenarchiv des Museums für Naturkunde Berlin (archive, scientific collection)
and more tba

A selection of books, magazines, artist’s editions and sound that will offer time, space and material for exchange and discussion among visitors and guests. An occasion to develop further the animal topic (David Rothenberg, Tierstimmenarchiv des Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Andy Leuenberger), but also to approach experimental and documentary film studies and projects (Found Footage Magazine, Archive Books, Labor Berlin e.V.), and to explore the subtle and ever morphing boundaries of disciplines such as natural sciences, visual arts, and their histories (Art Laboratory Berlin, Occulto) or genres such as science-fiction (Kapsel).



Ongon (live set)
Unprofessional (dj set)

The evening event on May 25 features a live music performance by Ongon (Berlin premiere) and a dj Set by Unprofessional. Ongon is a recently started solo project by the multi instrumentalist Antonio Bertoni, where ancestral sonorities meet electronica, trance, jazz and psychedelia. Unprofessional produces sound between experimentation and hardcore techno, she recently released an EP on Forbidden planets, and a mixtape of hers has been featured in Alienata’s radio show.