Alos (Muse of Chaos), Bleedingblackwood

Occulto and Thirsty & Miserable present

queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal, ravenna/italy
Ritual “The Chaos Awakening”


Monday, 19 November 2018
Ackerstrasse 169/170, 10115 Berlin

?Alos (Muse of Chaos – queer-ancestral-pagan-doom-avant-metal) creates since 2013 shows that cross the boundaries between music and performance. With “The Chaos Awakening” ritual and album, she continues her study of the mystical, magical, shamanic side of music and voice. After passing through Earth and Water, her research continues with Air and Fire. ?Alos fuses the ancient and the contemporary, melding her voice together with ethnic instruments from Vietnam as well as modular synthetizers and the Chaos Scepter, a two-cord wooden instrument built specifically for her by Nude Guitars. A ritual to awake the Chaos around us and deep inside us.

Timo C Engel aka Bleedingblackwood performs atmospheric Lo-Fi Pop Hymns. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes opulent. Sometimes borrowed from the world and transferred to the computer but always connected to nature. Acoustic guitar and toy piano, kalimba and glockenspiel – Bontempi meets accordeon, a lonely Metronome, a deep voice. Bleedingblackwood plays together with cellist Martina Bertoni. Classically trained, she has explored different territories such as improvisation, experimental and electronic music.